Purchasing Process:

FIRST: You have the option to either create a customer account or shop as a guest. If customer account is created, all your customer information will be saved and safely stored to make your future purchases easier. Check our Data Privacy Policy if you want to know more about the use of your personal information and our Terms of Use to learn more about your credentials and password.

SECOND: Once you selected your products and you are ready for the check out, if you have created your customer account simply log in (if you havent done it previously) and all the information needed will be automatically filled out for you. If you are shopping as a guest, you will have to manually enter the information needed in order to complete your order. Please double check your address and read our policies if you have any questions before placing your order.

THIRD: Acceptable payment methods are debit or credit card. Once payment is done and received, the order will be confirmed and you will receive and email from Lyctus in a maximum time frame of 24 hours confirming the purchase. A purchase reference number will be assigned and sent within the email, which will also detail product features, price and shipping charges.

FOURTH: The order confirmation sent by Lyctus is not a valid invoice, it is only proof of purchase. You will find the invoice inside your profile and you will also receive it in you email. The shipping times may vary but customers should receive the products between 48/72 hours.

Local taxes: All our products´ prices include VAT already (IVA).

International taxes: Please note that any international taxes or charges will be the customer´s responsabiity and at its own expenses.

Shipping: Orders placed on Fridays after 5pm European time wont be processed until the next business day (Monday or next business day if holidays take place).

Refunds: Customers who would like a refund will have 2 options. Products could either be delivered by the customers themselves to an specific address (provided by Lyctus after contacting us) or using a delivery service at the customers own expense. More information is available in our Return Policy.

For any additional questions please contact us throught the contact section on this site or email us at info@lyctusbcn.com.

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